Surgery Cost

The Cost for Bunion Procedures

The cost for one bunion operation varies.
Other costs that could be involved are fees for:

  • the surgery center
  • an anesthesiologist
  • a pathologist
  • minor supplies you will need

We DO NOT accept Medicare, Kaiser, Medi-cal, or HMO’s!

Most patients have insurance and as in any medical procedure, each insurance pays differently.  First, call your insurance company and verify your benefits with our facility to find out your eligibility.  Based on the benefits, we will be able to anticipate your out of pocket cost.

Because many patients are confused with deductibles, the insurance deductible is a certain amount of money you have to pay first, before your insurance will start applying payment to the surgical charges.

The best thing to do is contact the office and talk with our office manager, Penny, about your particular situation, whether you are insured or not.