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Pain-Free Bunion Surgery 

Don't let bunions ruin your day to day life

When should you seek Bunion Surgery?

When the pain to the area starts or causes you to alter your style of shoes and activities, or the deformity becomes embarrassing, it's time to think about painless bunion surgery.
Dr. Moy's unique procedure is the best permanent solution for bunions. He has performed more bunion surgery than any surgeon worldwide.

Why choose Dr. Moy as your Bunion Surgeon?

Dr. Moy has had patients fly in from 47 different states and and all over the world to have him perform his revolutionary painless bunion surgery. His extensive training and unparalleled experience make him the best choice for performing your bunion surgery. He has an impressive track record when performing bunionectomies, with over 1,000 evaluations from former patients available for review. There are over 100 documented ways to remove a bunion, and Dr. Moy has developed a method that is virtually pain free and prevents it from recurring.

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Board Certified by American Board of Podiatric Surgery and a Dr. Moy is a recognized leader of virtually pain-free foot surgery, Dr. Moy is the specializes in pain free bunion surgery and other surgical procedure of the foot and ankle. Patients travel from across the country and overseas to visit his state-of-the-art medical facility and benefit from his highly refined surgical techniques. Patients express their gratitude to Dr. Moy, who blends science with art to achieve amazing results for his patients.

-Dr. Richard Moy DPM 

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