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It was completely worthwhile for me to travel across the country to seek your care, and I experienced no complications or need for further medical care after returning home. You have given me nothing less than a new, healthy pair of feet, and I will always be grateful for your expert overhaul!

View a video on one of our out of state patient’s stories about why it was “worth the trip” for her. (U.S. Story)

Find out why people from as far away as Egypt say it’s “worth the trip” to have surgery with Dr. Moy. (International Story)

How Do I Get Started If I’m Seeking Heel Spur Treatment or Bunion Removal?

If you’ve been searching for a doctor who performs virtually pain-free surgery or have sought surgical opinions from other doctors, you already know that Dr. Moy’s services and skills are unique.

This is why patients travel from across the country and around the world to consult with Dr. Moy and experience his superior surgical techniques, especially his expert bunion treatment. Due to most patients’ rapid recovery, many out-of-state patients combine their foot surgery with a “mini-vacation” to Southern California and Orange County—“the O.C.”—enjoying its wonderful weather and many tourist attractions. So, if you have been looking for bunion removal or heel spur treatment, turn your procedure into a mini-vacation and experience Dr. Moy’s virtually pain-free foot surgery in Southern California.

Dr. Moy Has Provided More Bunion Cures Than Anyone in The World How Do I Get Started?

Patients typically fly out to see Dr. Moy on Monday, have surgery on Tuesday and fly home after their first post-operative visit with us on Friday.


Patients typically fly out to see Dr. Moy on Wednesday, have surgery on Thursday and fly home after their first post-operative visit with us on Monday. (This involves a Saturday night stay and may be less expensive for the airline tickets.)

The first step is to call your insurance company and verify your benefits including your deductible amount and your co-portion. Also make sure they cover out of state. Then call our office so we can give you an estimate of your out of pocket expense. Select 3 surgery dates that work best for you on a Tuesday or Thursday. Please verify theses dates and be sure to verify them with the person who will accompany you to surgery. The surgery center charges $100.00 to reschedule or cancel your surgery. You will come into our office the day before your surgery to have a consultation, consent and be given pre- and post-operative orders, and prescriptions.

Once your surgery is scheduled, we would have you get Medical Clearance, EKG if over 40, and Lab work from your Doctor no more then 10 days before you fly out here. EKG’s are good for 6 months and Lab work is good for 10 days. You or your Dr.’s office can down load a list of the tests needed below.

Please make sure the Medical clearance, EKG, and Lab work are faxed to the office. Our fax is (949)716-2725. E-mail or call us to confirm we have received all of the items. Your surgery can not proceed with out these items. Should you choose to travel alone, it is imperative that you have someone accompany you the day of surgery as you will need someone to care for you the first 24 hours post-operatively.

We only do one foot at a time. You can have the other foot done 6 weeks later. We do not recommend doing the short stay bunion procedure for anyone over 60. Still have more questions? Email us at: [email protected].