Recovery Process

What Can I Expect After Surgery?

Immediately after surgery you will be able to walk with a post-op shoe.  You can walk a maximum of 15 minutes per hour, primarily on your heel and or the outside of your foot.

  1. You will have a follow-up visit 3-4 days after surgery and will be given a walking boot at that time. At this point you can walk as much as 20 minutes per hour.
  2. Return one week after the first post-operative visit to have another dressing change and to remove the sutures. At this point, you can start walking up to 30 minutes per hour in the boot.
  3. Increase your walking time by 10 minutes per hour per week.
  4. Return approximately two weeks later to get an x-ray of the foot. By the end of the fourth week after surgery, you can resume walking in loose, comfortable fitting shoes.

6 weeks after surgery you will return to have a final x-ray and then return to full physical activity starting slowly and working up to full capacity.