Moy’s Procedures V.S. Others

Tremendous thought has been placed into our bunion removal procedure. It has been designed to result in no pain, allowing you to ambulate immediately, and heal as quickly as possible, without the recurrence of the bunion.

Dr. Moy feels that the manner in which the bone cuts made and the particular compression he uses is the best possible way to ensure stability of the bone immediately following surgery. This results in patients being able to walk immediately. Bunion surgeries that are restricted to the first metatarsal head are inherently the most stable procedures a surgeon can choose.

Procedures done in the mid-shaft, at the base, or at the junction of the joint further in the arch, are much more likely to be unstable. This results in non-weight bearing to that area. Furthermore, any weight bearing pressure applied to that area could lead to complications.

Dr. Moy’s procedure is designed to allow the bone to heal rapidly. The soft tissues are addressed so as to neutralize the deforming forces that created the bunion in the first place. This places equal tension on all the tendons that surround the joint. Furthermore, the excessive or redundant tissue that has been produced as a result of the bunion is also removed during the procedure.

Most importantly, Dr. Moy feels this procedure has withstood the test of time and we see patients 10, 15, or 20 years after surgery doing extremely well. The most important thing to remember in choosing a bunion surgeon is to look at the results and outcomes of the procedure being performed by one given surgeon. The level of surgical skill is critical, and unfortunately for the patients, not all doctors are blessed with the same amount of surgical skill.

Dr. Moy’s Unique Procedure

Bunion Surgery ReInvented

Bunion Surgery ReInvented


  • Virtually Pain Free in 97% of cases
  • Patients walk immediately
  • No casts
  • Fast Recovery

Traditional Methods

Other Surgeons


Lapidus Arthrodesis

(most common)


  • increased operative time (more steps involved)
  • 6-8 weeks before bearing ANY weight – or bone can crack because the screws are placed in a location that disrupts the stability of the bone
  • Removing too much of the “hard” layer on bone can disrupt stability of the bone
  • Mal-alignment : This is one of the most difficult procedures to align the bone so that it will function normally. If alignment is done incorrectly, it can cause arthritis or pain at the ball of the toe joint
  • Screw fixation failure can occur if weight bearing is initiated too early
  • Edema (most common complication): swelling can occur around the bone incision

SCARF Bunionectomy


Possible Complications:

The Closing Base Wedge Osteotomy


  • delayed union
  • irritation callous
  • must be non-weight bearing

Why Choose Dr. Moy

When it comes to skill in any profession, it is something that is either innate to one’s abilities or is learned through training. However, skill beyond a certain degree is truly a gift. Gifted skill can be seen in many of the professions we see everyday, such as in artists and athletes. Many people who know Dr. Moy, and are in the medical profession, truly believe that he is a gifted surgeon.

When looking at results, we find that Dr. Moy’s results are truly remarkable. We believe there is no other surgeon in the world that can produce such consistent results with such a high volume of cases. One of the many reasons for this success is he is extremely focused in the operating room and pays great attention to detail.

What Sets Him Apart

  • Performs more bunion surgery than any other surgeon in the world.
  • Possesses great surgical skill, ingenuity, as well as paying attention to detail.
  • Has sympathy and compassion for your particular condition.
  • Listens very closely to your medical concerns and fully evaluates the location of pain or discomfort in your foot or ankle.
  • Provides you with multiple non-surgical and surgical options.
  • Takes time to explain everything in detail to you and will address any concerns you may have.
  • His results are incomparable with those of the typical bunion surgeon.
  • Has more patient written evaluations most likely than any other doctor in the world.
  • Established a unique medical building, which allows patients a smooth, comfortable, and friendly environment transition from your first consultation to your final post-operative check-up.
  • Hand-picked his own medical staff.
  • Has a vast number of patient video testimonials regarding their successful surgeries.
  • Performs foot surgery on a great number of doctors and nurses, as well as other skilled professionals whom are very particular in choosing their surgeon.
  • Patients who have already had surgery, or have been referred by friends, refer over 80% of his patients.
  • The vast majority of patients who had bunions on both feet, request to have their second foot done as soon as possible after the first foot has healed.
  • Patients are truly amazed and astonished regarding the lack of pain following surgery, as well as not needing any narcotic medication.