Day of Surgery

A typical surgery day at Dr. Moy’s office is as follows:

  1. Patients arrive at the surgical center one hour before their scheduled surgery. Patients should have not eaten anything for 8 hours and drank anything 4 hours prior to surgery start time.
  2. They get escorted to the surgical suite with a friend or family member. Each suite has a TV, music, or magazine to enjoy before surgery.
  3. The patient is in the OR about 1 hour, but the entire process is about 3 hours.
  4. Once the surgery is over, patients are amazed how good they feel. Their experience is a pleasant one according to their surgical center survey they fill out a few days after surgery.

Several surgery patients comments are just like these:

A great experience from beginning to end. Lovely people on staff at the surgery center.

Patient Corrine

Everybody was so wonderful. They all went above and beyond my expectations!

— Patient Susan

Excellent service- professional and nice surroundings. Dr.Moy provided a GREAT surgery, absolutely NO pain! I would highly recommend!

— Patient Jonathan