What is a Hammertoe?


Hammertoes, also known as clawed toes, crooked toes or mallet toes, are often caused by a muscle imbalance from an unnatural walk, or by genetic predisposition. The best means of hammertoe correction is through Dr. Moy’s skilled surgical techniques.

Signs of hammertoes are a long second toe that is often crowded into a bent position, a stiff tendon that prohibits a toe from resting flat, or a bunion on the big toe that forces the second toe into a cramped position. If you are suffering from hammertoe, let Dr. Moy perform his hammertoe surgery to be back on your feet and pain-free in no time.

Dr. Moy Provides Hammertoe Correction

Following the launch of an extensive video-enhanced website about two years ago, Dr. Moy experienced a large increase in the number patients traveling from outside California for surgery. This public recognition is a result of Dr. Moy’s unique surgical talent and overwhelming proof that his procedure works. Signed patient affidavits since July of 2007 confirm that 97.24% of Dr. Moy’s patients describe their surgery and recovery as “virtually pain free.”

Foot Surgery to Eliminate Foot and Ankle Pain

People come from all over the world for Dr. Moy’s Foot Surgery to eliminate foot and ankle pain. It is amazing that in the last 2 years, patients have traveled from 38 of the 50 states, and countries as far away as Egypt, to experience Dr. Moy’s surgical techniques. These out-of-state patients seeking to rid themselves of foot and ankle pain now account for approximately 25% of the doctor’s surgical patients.