Bunion Fears

Over the years, many patients have come to our office and expressed their concerns about things they have heard regarding bunion surgery. They usually hear it from a friend or family member, or in some cases have experienced it first hand at the hands of another surgeon. We’re here to tell you that bunion surgery does not have to be painful.

The average surgical time is 75 minutes or more. Dr. Moy’s average surgical time is 35 minutes.

Bunion Surgery MisconceptionsDr. Moy's Actual Results
Typical experiences result in excruciating pain.Our procedure is virtually painless.
The resulting pain would restrict you to bed rest. You are able to walk immediately
Strong pain medication is required after surgery.No narcotic pain medication needed
The procedure and/or pain would not allow you to place your foot on the floor. You can bear weight immediately after surgery
Leg casts, crutches, and/or wheel chairs are required. These are not necessary at any time
May not be able to drive for over a month.You can drive a car the next day with a Velcro® shoe.
Surgery may fail and bunion may returnNo re-occurrence of bunion deformities
Fear of going through with second foot because the first was so unbearable Our procedure is proven and can get the second foot done six weeks after your first
Can never wear high-heeled shoes or run again.Can run in six weeks and resume high-heels in eight
Good chance of severe scars from surgery's general anesthesia. Minimal scarring with plastic surgery skin closure
General anesthesia required for surgeryOnly local with twilight sleep, also known as IV sedation

Dr. Moy’s Pain Free Bunion Removal

After years of performing bunion removal, Dr. Moy has developed a technique that is pain free in 97% of his patients. Bunion removal is an extremely complex procedure. Traditional methods of bunion removal often result in a lengthy, debilitating recover y process. Because a bunion is composed of both bone and soft tissue, bunion removal requires a delicate touch in order to achieve optimum results. Dr. Moy has honed his method after practicing podiatric medicine for more than two decades.

The results speak for themselves. An overwhelming majority of his patients report no pain at all following their bunion removal. Dr. Moy performs his bunion removal surgery using both general anesthesia and a local aesthetic on the patient. Once the local anesthetic wears off, almost all of Dr. Moy’s patients report a complete absence of pain. Narcotic pain medication is never given, although anti-inflammatory medicine may be used to reduce inflammation. After having their bunions removed, patients of Dr. Moy can return to their lives pain free.

It’s been almost 9 months now after having bunion surgery last November 9th & December 28th on left/right feet. I love my “new feet.” I am so grateful to all of you for your skills, talents and providing excellent care during my time in CA. I will never forget you and all you did for me. “Cute” shoe shopping is so much fun! I check out your website periodically just to see what new things you have added. Thanks again. You’re the best!

— Georgeann DeWoody

I have enjoyed outstanding results with the bunion removal and toe-straightening surgeries you performed on both my feet. Like most of your patients, I experienced no post-op pain. I enjoyed a remarkably trouble-free recovery, allowing me to resume my desk-based work immediately and other normal life activities very quickly. I know that my excellent results and recovery — in stark contrast to the pain and inconvenience notoriously associated with bunion surgery — were due to your exceptional technique and finesse.

— Anonymous

What Sets Dr. Moy’s Bunion Removal Surgery Apart?

Don’t Wait, Get Foot Pain Relief Today

Normal foot function is vital to good health. Many people become accustomed to foot pain that slowly erodes their ability to participate in exercise or everyday activities. Anyone with foot pain should pursue a foot check-up right away and seek bunion removal or a foot pain relief procedure from Dr. Moy.

Many minor foot conditions can be greatly improved with a professional fitting for orthotic shoe inserts. In more extreme cases, each foot is unique and must be evaluated for specific surgical criteria. Dr. Moy evaluates the abnormal growth of tissue and the deforming forces that created it, then determines how to counterbalance and restore optimal function to the foot.

Dr. Moy’s surgical procedures are very complex and may involve eighty steps or more. Depending on the extent of foot deformity, any combination of these steps may be used to alleviate your foot and ankle pain.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Listen to what Dr. Moy’s patients have to say about their bunion surgery results. Watch the Life Beyond Bunions talk show and the Patient Testimonials found in Dr. Moy’s Video Center.

Testimonials of Patient’s Foot and Ankle Pain Relief in a Bunion Surgery Video

Statement of Truth: All testimonials reflect each individual’s personal experience. No one was paid to participate or instructed on how or what to say about their experience.

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