Out of State Patient

What to Plan For

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Call your insurance company and verify your benefits, including your deductible amount and your co-portion. Also make sure they cover out of state.
  2. Call our office so we can give you an estimate of your out-of-pocket expense.
  3. Select three surgery dates that work best for you on a Tuesday or Thursday.
  4. Verify theses dates and be sure to confirm them with the person who will accompany you to surgery. The surgery center charges $100.00 to reschedule or cancel your surgery.
  5. Come into our office the day before your surgery to have a consultation, consent and be given pre- and post-operative orders and prescriptions.
  6. Once your surgery is scheduled, download our list of required tests.
  7. Medical clearance from your doctor is required within 30 days of your scheduled surgery date. Blood work is required within 14 days of your scheduled surgery date. EKG is required within 6 months of your scheduled surgery date.
  8. Fax your lab work and medical clearance to (949) 716-2725.
  9. Call us at (949) 837-3338 x100 or contact us online to confirm we have received all of the items. Your surgery cannot proceed without these items.

Additional items to keep in mind:

  1. Should you choose to travel alone, it is imperative that someone accompany you the day of surgery. You need someone to care for you the first twenty-four hours, post-operatively.
  2. We only do one foot at a time. You can have the other foot done six weeks later.
  3. We do not recommend doing the short-stay bunion procedure for anyone over 60 years of age

Still have a question? Contact us online or call at (949) 837-3338 x100.

What Will My Travel Timeline Be?

Patients typically proceed with one of these two scenarios –

Option 1

  • Monday: Patient flies out
  • Tuesday: Patient has surgery
  • Friday: Patient flies home after first post-operative visit

Option 2

  • Wednesday: Patient flies out
  • Thursday: Patient has surgery
  • Monday: Patient flies home after first post-operative visit

This option involves a Saturday night stay and may require less expensive airline tickets.