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4 Tips for Preventing and Alleviating Foot Pain

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | November 10th, 2017

Foot pain can range from minor irritation to so intense you can’t even walk. Considering that, it makes sense for most people to avoid or alleviate that kind of pain at all costs. If you’re one of those people, here are a few excellent tips for avoiding pain in your feet.

Never go barefoot

Walking around without shoes or even sandals can lead to athlete’s foot and plantar warts. Make sure you’re constantly wearing ergonomic shoes so you’re getting the best support! In addition, you should avoid barefoot walking or flat flip-fops. Flat footwear can contribute to additional heel pain, tendinitis, and stress fractures.

Stretch your feet

The most important thing you can do at home to prevent serious pain in your feet is to stretch your ankles and feet regularly. Focus on toe extension, flexibility in the foot, and calf muscle exercises to keep your lower body strong and pain free.

Take it easy every once in a while

Most Americans travel 75,000 miles on their feet by the time they are 50 years old. If you’re one of the many who will likely exceed that number much earlier in life, it’s great that you’re so active! But you need to be careful. Try to take it easy at least once or twice a week and cut down your daily steps a bit to keep your feet healthy and strong.

Bunion surgery

Foot surgery isn’t everyone’s first option for alleviating foot pain, but it can be a great solution if the pain is too severe. Bunion issues can be quite painful and inconvenient, so you should consult with professional foot surgeons about going though with bunion surgery. Lucky, there are medical professionals who provide bunion surgery pain procedures. Your foot pain might hurt prior to your bunion surgery, but it won’t hurt during the procedure or afterwards. Talk to your doctor if you’re in severe foot pain.

It’s time to start taking better care of your feet. If you want to consult with a professional bunion surgeon who focuses in pain-free bunion surgery, contact Dr. Richard Moy today.